Since a very early age I was passionate about drawing, and I spent much of my childhood in the world of cartoons. As a teenager I was really into skateboarding and street culture and in 2007 my way of expressing myself finally passed on from paper to the wall.

My way of drawing quickly turned more illustrative, and parallel to more conventional work with letters i always liked doing characters. The architecture studies helped me to experiment and develop other tools linked to stricter representation techniques: vanishing point, perspective, axonometry, proportions, light and shadow, color, etc

My background shows that I was always attracted by the creational process of images, objects and buildings, as well as the concept of scale and the tools linked with it: pencils, pens, spray cans, pieces of wood, bricks, stones and so on. I also always try to carefully take into consideration each and every canvas, environment and landscapes with their own qualities appropriate to the site.

My fascination for urban art comes from the urge to colour the city, visiting and discovering unusual places and offering new things to see.